Install/Upgrade to Linux Kernel 3.11.3 in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

 Fixes in Linux Kernel 3.11.3:

  •     rpc: fix huge kmalloc’s in gss-proxy
  •     skge: fix broken driver
  •     drm/radeon: fix panel scaling with eDP and LVDS bridges
  •     drm/radeon/dpm: fix fallback for empty UVD clocks
  •     tg3: Expand led off fix to include 5720
  •     drm/radeon: fix handling of variable sized arrays for router objects
  •     drm/radeon: fix resume on some rs4xx boards (v2)
  •     drm/radeon: fix init ordering for r600+
  •     drm/radeon: fix LCD record parsing
  •     drm/ttm: fix the tt_populated check in ttm_tt_destroy()
  •     drm/i915: fix wait_for_pending_flips vs gpu hang deadlock
  •     rt2800: fix wrong TX power compensation

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