Install the Nitrux OS (3.1.5) and Compass Icon Themes From PPA in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

A new version of Nitrux OS icon theme has been released for Ubuntu/Linux Mint users. In this tutorial we will see how to install it from PPA for the following distributions:

  • Ubuntu 13/10/13.04/12.10/12.04
  • Linux Mint 15/14/13

Changes in Nitrux OS (3.1.5):

Featured: NITRUX-mono-dark now supports dark themes completely!. 

Revised Icons: Kontact, PCManFM, Nautilus, Jdownloader, Kazam. 

Fixes: New Icons: Xdiagnose, KDE System Settings (Joystick, Trackpad, Mouse), Google Music Manager, Net Activity Viewer, pyRenamer, Searchmonkey, System Testing Qt, Unity Mail, Gnome Weather icons.

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