Linux Kernel 3.12 Released! Improved Support For Newer Nvidia and Radeon GPUs

Linux Kernel 3.12 in its stable release has been made available recently which comes with new features and optimizations. Here are some of them taken from Phoronix:

– Improved Dynamic Power Management support for newer Radeon GPUs and other changes after the Radeon DPM feature was merged in Linux 3.11 

– A Snapdragon KMS/DRM driver from the Freedreno project for the Qualcomm Adreno. 

– Runtime GPU power management for NVIDIA Optimus laptops to be able to dynamically power on/off secondary GPUs. 

– Experimental support for DRM render nodes. 

– AMD Berlin APU support for the first HSA server APU. 

– Intel Haswell graphics improvements with eLLC DRAM support now enabled for the systems with Iris Pro 5200 graphics bearing dedicated memory for graphics. 

– Staging driver updates. 

– Sound driver work. 

– EXT4 gained new features of aggressive extent caching and better recovery. 

– F2FS file-system improvements. 

– Lenovo Ideapad Slidebar support. 

– XFS file-system improvements. 

– Btrfs file-system performance improvements.

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