Valentine One Radar Detector Connects to iPhone Via New Bluetooth LE Adapter [iOS Blog]

V1 AppThe Valentine One, considered by many to be the best radar detector on the market, can now connect to the iPhone via a new Bluetooth adapter called the V1connection LE.

The $50 Bluetooth adapter connects to the accessory jack on the Valentine One radar detector and then allows the app, a free download on the App Store [Direct Link], to connect to the detector and control and display alerts in real-time.

V1connection LE is a Bluetooth®-enabled module about the size of your thumb that wirelessly links V1 to your compatible iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Choose among three information screens at any time: one reproduces V1 front-panel warnings in real time, plus frequency and direction of the Priority Alert; another shows the continuously-updated Threat Picture featuring our new Arrow-in-the-Box concept, a revolutionary way of analyzing radar threats; yet another screen lists all threats within range, with direction, band ID and frequency for each, arranged by length of tracking time. A yellow “Box” symbol appears for each threat “in the Box.”

V1connection LE also acts as the Master Controller for your V1 system, allowing you to revise programming, adjust SAVVY settings, change muting and computer modes, activate dark mode, save custom programming profiles for different trips, and more, all from your compatible iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

The app uses three modes to help determine “threats” — one is a standard readout that mirrors the forward/side/rearward arrow display and the number of alerts detected of the Valentine One’s display. The second is a “arrow in the box” display that shows what the frequency of each alert is, and whether it is in the known range for police radar; and the third mode lists all detected radar and the frequencies of each.

It also allows users to manually darken the detector for better night vision, and change detecting modes right from the iPhone. There is a demo mode for users to try before actually purchasing the detector and Bluetooth adapter. The adapter only works with newer iOS devices that support Bluetooth 4.0.

Valentine One
Both the Valentine One detector and the V1connection LE are available direct from Valentine’s website for $400 and $50 respectively. The V1connection app is a free download from the App Store. [Direct Link]


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