Virgin Mobile offers iPhone 5s for $385 off contract

Looking to shack up with Virgin Mobile in the US, but want to use an iPhone without having to fork over an arm and a leg? Well now may be the time to pull the trigger as Richard Branson’s cell phone company just announced significant price cuts for their line up of iPhones.

You can nab a 16GB iPhone 5s for the carrier, off-contract for $385. The 32GB variant will run you $455, and $525 for the 64GB model.

If you’re looking for your iPhone to have a bit more color, then you can pick up the 16GB and 32GB 5c for $315 and $385 respectively, off-contract.

It should be noted that Virgin Mobile is a CDMA carrier, and works off of Sprint’s network in the US. So don’t expect to be popping in your sim card using your discounted new iPhone without a hitch. If you want to do that, you may have to shell out extra cash to do so, using special unlocking services.

If you like Virgin Mobile, then you can use the phone for as little as $30 a month. Anybody here interested in the deal? Or are you patiently waiting for the iPhone 6?

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