Gold HTC One 2014 to be a Best Buy exclusive in the US

The All New HTC One a.k.a. HTC One 2014 is going to be unveiled on Tuesday, March 25. It will even hit the shelves in selected UK stores just minutes after the official announcement. Some carriers have even started teasing the new One.

We probably know everything there is to know about the smartphone courtesy of all those numerous leaks throughout the past few months. The HTC One 2014 should become available in three flavors – gold, dark gray and silver. You can check its detail specs right here.

According to the famous @evleaks tipster the gold version of the HTC One 2014 will be a Best Buy exclusive. There is no info on how long it will stay exclusive, but the retail off-contract price is tipped to be $600. If true, the All New HTC One will cost exactly as its predecessor last year.

We guess we’ll know everything on…

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