2014 W14 news in review: iPhone 6 rumors, new Samsung devices

Spring is officially upon us, and with the first week of April behind us the we are ready to give you all the news highlights, including a bunch of iPhone 6 rumors, some new Samsung devices, and the official announcement of Windows Phone 8.1 – and the first devices to run it.

Let us take a look at all of the mobile news you may have missed in this fourteenth week of 2014 – no April Fool’s jokes, we promise.

The iPhone 6 is still months away, but as soon as there is even a hint of news of an upcoming iPhone, the vultures start circling. A fresh batch of rumors includes some sketches and a render of an 7.1mm thin iPhone 6, and some eerily similar live photos. Reuters also reported that iPhone 6 displays could be 4.7 inches, with the first batches getting produced as early as May.

In the courtroom, Apple and Samsung continue to exchange fire, with the most recent rumors pointing to Samsung wanting to enlist the help of Google engineers in testifying. Meanwhile, the Korean smartphone leader has outed its new Tab 4 tablet lineup, and we are hearing rumors of a 4.5″ S5 mini in the works, alongside a QHD screen-toting Samsung G906S device, complete with benchmarks.

Meanwhile, Microsoft held its annual Build conference in San Francisco, where they highlighted the release of Windows Phone 8.1. Nokia took the stage to announce some new Lumia devices that would be the first to run the updated OS (called Lumia Cyan for Nokia devices) – including the new Lumia 930 flagship.

Finally, the EU Parliament is looking to eliminate roaming fees in European Union. Also on the agenda is the issue of net neutrality, which prevent internet service providers from blocking users’ access to torrent sites and streaming services of questionably legality. Both measures still need to be voted on by the EU Council, but things are looking good for EU…

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