AUO makes highest resolution AMOLED screen to date

AUO is about to debut their 513ppi AMOLED display made for smartphones. The unit boasts a WQHD (2560×1440) resolution, which is supposed to provide an amazing viewing experience.

The display they are showing off is a 5″ AMOLED 720p screen that measures 0.57mm in thickness. AUO hasn’t only worked on the screen’s resolution, however, but boasts that touchscreen usability will be improved as well as they’ve implemented a unique design that allows for 10-point touch support for, you know, in case you want to use both hands or feet to interact with your smartphone.

AUO also plans on releasing some products for smartwatches as well: they made mention of a 1.6″ AMOLED display for wearable tech that’s in development. The benefit of OLED tech for smartwatches is a significant selling point as AMOLED displays put less of a strain on battery life.

In addition to their portable tech screen aspirations, AUO will soon show off their curved, 4K LCD TV display units and automobile display units with wide viewing angles. But the real star of the show is the WQHD AMOLED display.

With battery life an ongoing issue with the newest crop of smartphones having larger than life displays, AMOLED units provide some much needed relief. Is anyone excited about potentially rocking a WQHD unit on their upcoming smartphone? Or do you think it’s all a numbers game at this point, and will only believe it when you see it in person?

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