Amazon sells HTC One M8 for $150 on Sprint and Verizon

If you’re interested in having a two-year contract with Sprint or Verizon and have been fiending for the HTC One M8, then you may want to get your phone through Amazon.

The online mega-giant retailer is offering HTC’s latest flagship for $150, which is $50 cheaper than the suggested retail price of the handset. AT&T, by contrast, sells the M8 for $200 with a two-year agreement.

There hasn’t been any word released as to why both Verizon and Sprint versions are more affordable than AT&T’s M8, but one thing is for certain: HTC needs to sell a good amount of these phones.

Lagging behind Samsung for a while now, HTC has seen its smartphone sales dwindle. The HTC One gave the Taiwanese cell phone manufacturer some success, and we have yet to see if the M8 will launch the company back into a more favorable market position.

If you want a discounted version for either Sprint or Verizon, then you’ll have to wait until April 14th. However, if waiting isn’t your thing, then you can start rocking an HTC One M8 with AT&T come tomorrow, Friday the…

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