Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition leaked by Google

Having Google Play Editions of all popular flagships has become somewhat of a tradition. Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been around for a while many fans are wondering if it will also get the GPE treatment.

Apparently, Samsung and Google are working on such edition and Google has just spilled the beans. The device popped up briefly on the Play Store among the others GPE devices.

Well, it didn’t appear in its own listing, but under the Galaxy S4 name. Still, the image clearly shows the S5. A photoshopped S5 as it has both hardware and software keys at the bottom, which is not the case. But hey, it is the Galaxy S5 after all, it is on the Play Store, and someone at Google made those efforts to put it there, so this should mean something, right?

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 GPE images have appeared on Google Play, we bet the announcement should be around the corner.

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