Apple and Samsung command 106% of industry profits

Apple is by far the most profitable smartphone manufacturer in the business right now, with 65% of industry share, and Samsung with a 41% share.

All the other players in the smartphone game either had a negative share or essentially broke even with their respective businesses.

Nokia was in the worst shape: the Finnish company accounted for -3% of industry profits. HTC, Sony, and LG all broke even, and Motorola and Blackberry fared slightly worse a -1% a piece.

This means that over 100% of all smartphone industry profits are comprised of Apple and Samsung sales. Apple has seen an increase in industry profit shares from last year: the Cupertino-based tech giant jumped up from 57%. Samsung on the other hand, declined by 2%.

The data was collected by Canaccord Genuity, but doesn’t factor in Chinese manufacturers, like Xiaomi into the mix. But this is due to a lack of credible profit estimates for these other companies.

“Given the current competitive dynamics, we believe Apple and Samsung will maintain dominant value share during 2014,” Canaccord Analyst Michael Walkley said. “With BlackBerry struggling and Microsoft purchasing dominant Windows Phone OEM Nokia, we believe Chinese OEMs with strong Android portfolios will likely emerge as stronger long-term competitors to Apple and…

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