New iPhone 6 dummy pictures come in Gold

The Apple iPhone 6 rumor mill is getting busier by the week with rumors flying around pointing to display sizes, sapphire coatings and a number of dummy units and panels hinting at the design of the device.

The latest leak shows a new Apple iPhone 6 dummy only this time it comes in the Gold color, complete with a golden accent around the Touch ID home button.

The dummies come in Space Gray, Gold and Silver and look to carry an HTC-like unibody. The back is interesting as it appears to have a smaller camera lens – or perhaps it only appears smaller on a bigger iPhone body.

It’s unlikely that these dummies represent an exact replica of what Apple plans to unveil this summer but are interesting to look at even for the sole purpose of giving us an alternate idea to what is currently the iPhone.

Currently rumors suggest the 4.7″ iPhone 6 could arrive as early as…

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