Supposed 4.7" iPhone 6 renders found online

A few digital renders of the iPhone 6 have surfaced on the internet and supposedly, they are from a supplier that based the images on Apple’s official design.

Just by taking a look at the renders however, it is difficult to believe that they are genuine, despite their detail, as there is hardly any Apple branding or other materials associated with the mock-ups; they could have easily been designed by someone with 3D rendering software.

The design of these renders bear a strong resemblance to Apple’s current iPod touch design: the curved edges and extremely thin profile scream Apple. These mock-ups also show that the power button has been moved and the volume buttons have been altered and made larger to accommodate a phone with a 4.7″ display.

As with the precursor to any iPhone launch, take any and all rumors with a grain of salt.

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