Samsung might bring Tizen handsets to Russia and India

Samsung has been enjoying amazing success with their Galaxy line of handsets rocking Android but they’ve made it apparent that they plan on launching their own mobile OS: Tizen. Now Tizen isn’t exactly well known outside of the more hardcore cell phone fanatic crowd, but the Korean tech giant has already made plans on getting it out there with their newest crop of Galaxy Gear smartwatches.

It looks like wearables aren’t the only devices that Samsung plans on using Tizen for, however, as there is word that Sammie will try to get Tizen to build traction in markets outside of Europe and the US: namely India and Russia. The two regions could see Tizen packing Samsung handsets as early as the next few upcoming weeks.

Recently, a Tizen handset was supposed to launch in Japan for the carrier NTT Docomo, however, the deal fell through as NTT deemed that it wasn’t the right time for them to do so. Orange in France also got cold feet about releasing Tizen smartphones. Seeing as Tizen isn’t exactly getting any love from carriers, it doesn’t look like a launch in Europe or the States is going to happen in the near future.

However, countries like Russia and India and other “emerging markets”, where low-cost smartphones that don’t pimp the most impressive features, may provide a good springboard for Samsung to introduce Tizen to the world.

Russia should be receiving the Tizen phones first and time will tell how the new smartphone OS fares in the region.

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