Google Play Store update makes permissions easier to read

If you ever found the list of permissions in the Google Play Store too messy and hard to read – you are not alone. Good thing, Google noticed the ever growing mess that are these permission requests and addressed them with an update.

The update to the play store bumps its version number to 4.8.20 rolled out an update to its Play Store app for Android smartphone, which changes the way app permissions are displayed. Here’s the change explained by the Play Store support team:

To help make it easier to understand what an app will have access to, the Play Store has recently made improvements to how permissions are displayed. Permissions are organized into permissions groups, easily identified by icons (example: Location Location) to help clarify the most important information and capabilities an app can access on your device. This information can help you make an informed decision more easily on whether you would like to install the app.

The changes are hardly groundbreaking, but they do make a difference and will certainly make taking care of your privacy easier. As usual with Play Store app updates, the rollout is gradual and it make take a few days or weeks before it hits your region.

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