Microsoft pushes Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview update

Microsoft has issued an update for the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview. The latest release has a version number 8.10.12390.890, but sadly we don’t have a detailed changelog just yet. A fellow reader of ours states that his Nokia Lumia 1520 has been hit with the update, so check your Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview running phones.

This is yet another update that the company is pushing to the beta version of Windows Phone since its launch on April 14. The previous update didn’t bring any UI changes or change in functionality, as it only improved the battery consumption slightly.

More often than not these updates of previews are about fixes for bugs and improving the stability of the OS. However, if you find anything new, drops us a line in the comments.

The final version of Windows Phone 8.1 is on schedule for a June 24 release.

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