Apple's redesigned iPhone 6 shown in leak

Reports are rampant that the iPhone 6 has gone into full scale production mode and to accompany the news are alleged photos of the completely assembled device.

Leaks on new iPhone designs have happened in the past and they’ve been pretty accurate, so there’s a good chance that these photos are the genuine article.

It’s worth mentioning that this is what a completely assembled device will look like, but the photos only show the external components of the upcoming iPhone 6. The phone isn’t powered on, but it does give us a great visual of what Apple’s next phone will look like.

The design of the device pretty much confirms the rumors that we’ve heard thus far: a larger screen, redesigned volume buttons, and a thinner bezel.

The iPhone 6 should drop in September, with reports of a “Note” version of the iPhone coming in either October or November with a 5.5″ display.

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