Blackberry Passport caught out and about

There’s been a lot of leaks and images of the Blackberry Passport recently, but not many shots of the device in the wild, until now.

Not only did someone snap a picture of the Passport, but there’s even a quick video clip showing the device’s browser in action.

What can we tell from the photos? Well, for one, the Passport looks like a pretty big device. It absolutely eclipses the iPhone 4 (as shown in the photo). The keyboard does look a little cramped on the bottom of the phone. Although this is understandable, (how else were they going to make space for all of that screen?) it doesn’t look like it will provide for the most comfortable typing experience.

The poster of the images also confirmed some specs: the Passport will have a 3450mAh non-removable battery, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, a 1440×1440 LCD display, and microSD and SIM card slots that load from the top.

The hardware specs of the Passport are certainly enticing, but they may not be enough to pull Blackberry out of its fall from grace. Also, considering the nearly defunct form factor of the Passport, it is difficult to imagine that anyone aside from corporate road warriors appreciating this…

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