4G LTE reportedly arriving at Verizon prepaid on July 17

In a development that’s definitely been a very long time coming, Verizon may finally bring 4G LTE connectivity to its prepaid plans.

This could happen on July 17, according to certain unnamed sources. On that date, Verizon’s Allset prepaid plan should gain 4G LTE access.

This plan offers you unlimited talk and text and 500MB of data for $45 per month. That paltry data allowance can be topped up with a few add-on options, which go all the way up to 3GB for $20. Add to that a further 500MB which you can get just by signing up for auto-pay, and so you could conceivably have 4GB of 4G data each month for $65 (along with the unlimited voice and text communications, of course).

You’re obviously the one who’ll be the judge of whether this is a good deal or not. Do keep in mind though that it’s still not known if Big Red will give handsets on prepaid plans access to its full 4G speeds or if it will throttle them in some way.

Once the new 4G-capable plan goes live on July 17, you’ll be able to sign up for it through Verizon’s website, and all other channels (including by calling customer service).

This move will also apparently bring 4G-enabled smartphones to the carrier’s prepaid roster. The first one of those could be the LG G2, as you can see from the leaked image above. Additionally, there will be certified pre-owned devices available, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5.

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