Samsung's first Tizen phone delayed yet again

Samsung has been promising a Tizen phone for quite some time now, however, the device has hit its fair share of setbacks. Recently, the Korean manufacturer made plans to release the Samsung Z in Russia, and the handset was even going to debut at a developer event in Moscow yesterday, but it never did.

So what happened? Samsung didn’t officially comment on why it decided to cancel the developer event in Moscow, but the company did aver that it would continue to work on Tizen handsets and the OS itself. The Samsung Z doesn’t have an official launch date in any region anymore and this is most likely due to a lack of decent mobile applications for the platform. Samsung has tried to garner interest in its operating system: the company has created application development competitions, and even has collected a nice list of software partners.

Samsung has had similar issues before: Japan was supposed to have a Tizen handset earlier in the year, but was eventually left to the wayside by NTT DoCoMo due to too much competition in the mobile arena.

It’s difficult to imagine if there will ever be a “perfect” time for Samsung to release Tizen. If the Korean-based tech manufacturer wants consumers to use the OS, then they need to put it in the hands of people to tinker with. If not, then it’s difficult to see Tizen making any type of impact in the mobile space.

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