Larger iPhone 6 may not be released; good news for Samsung

Apple seems to have addressed consumers’ biggest gripe with the iPhone with its upcoming iPhone 6: screen size. The Cupertino-based tech company allegedly has two smartphones in the pipeline with different screen sizes: 4.7″ and 5.5″, which should help to sway consumers away from the bigger-screened Droids on the market.

Should is the operative word, as new reports indicate that there may not be a 5.5″ iPhone 6 in the works for a while. This is good news for Samsung, which means that it will still reign as the king in the phablet market with its popular Note series of phones.

So why the delay for Apple’s supposed phablet? Well, the manufacturing process behind 5.5″ sapphire coated screens has proven to be a bit difficult due to touch-sensitivity issues near the corners of the screen. This is why there has been so many leaked 4.7″ inch touch display units, and not so much as a peek of the 5.5″ ones.

In any event, the iPhone 6 should be coming out this September, with its all but confirmed 4.7″…

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