Mobile device use trumps PC use in China

Recent statistics reports in China show that more people are going online with mobile devices than they are with computers. Out of 632 million internet users in the country, 532 million (83%) of them were using their mobile phones to connect to the web some of the time, with 512 million (81%) connecting with their PCs.

What’s more is that internet traffic has increased as a result of the ever-growing presence of mobile devices in the region. Overall internet use has grown 2.3% in just six months, with mobile users growing 5.4% which suggests that there are some people who exclusively connect to the internet with just their cell phone or tablet; it may be the only device that they have.

The huge growth for mobile in China isn’t exactly surprising; given that the mean income is relatively low per capita (around $7,333). This, combined with the new influx of cheap, quality devices that are available in the Chinese market, and you have all the makings for a society that thrives on mobile phones; making owning a computer more and more unnecessary.

It might only be a matter of time before the same trend spreads to the US and Europe, especially since smartphones are becoming more and more capable devices.

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