6" ZTE Olympia for T-Mobile has some specs leaked

It looks like ZTE is working on a new handset for T-Mobile’s exclusive benefit. Its codename is Olympia, and its model number will be Z970. The image you can see on the left shows it and has surfaced yesterday, while today more details about the phone have emerged.

The ZTE Olympia will be a big phablet, coming with a 6-inch touchscreen. We don’t yet know what its resolution will be, unfortunately, but at that size it should be at least 720p if it’s to keep people’s eyes from bleeding while counting its pixels.

It has an 8 MP rear camera with 1080p video recording, and a 0.9 MP front snapper – so this isn’t going to be a selfie addict’s choice, presumably.

The Olympia has support for microSD cards and a sealed battery that’s apparently beefy enough to get through a day of use – which means we’re probably dealing with something around 3000 mAh.

The source of all this info wasn’t able to run benchmarks on the phone, so it’s unclear what chipset is being used, or how much RAM it has. It is however said to be running Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and a near-stock variant no less.

It does come with some T-Mobile apps preinstalled, though, such as Visual Voicemail, T-Mobile Hotspot, and MyApp. Wi-Fi calling is a go and it can be accessed through the Settings menu. And as you may have expected, the Olympia prominently features T-Mobile’s logo on its casing.

The new ZTE phablet has reportedly already been in testing for the past two or three months, making a release in the near future very likely. Its performance is decent, it seems, as its price will probably be too.

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