Amazon only managed to sell 26,000 Fire phones, study says

According to ad viewing traffic from Chitika Insights the Amazon Fire phone commands around 0.015% of ad serving in the US for the last 20 days of Chitika’s research.

Coupled with the comScore data that in the three months ending June 2014 there were between 173m and 175m phones active in the US some have estimated that the Amazon Fire phone has only ended up in the hands of around 26 thousand users.

Amazon released its Fire phone exclusively on AT&T’s network for $199 but there were no official numbers given since then as is usual for Amazon.

After some elaborate number crunching, the source points that if not all Fire Phone users are active online the 26 thousand units may rise to 35 thousand – because the people who aren’t online don’t show up on the survey. Either way, the number is far lower than the Kindle tablets and clearly point that the phone is enjoying less than great reception.

Again no official numbers have been given and as the estimates above are vague as it is the Fire phone could very well have sold slightly more.

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