Nokia Lumia 830 may only have 10 MP camera

This Thursday, Microsoft Mobile is set to unveil two new smartphones at its pre-IFA event in Berlin. The duo has been leaked pretty extensively so far, and we know they’ll be the Lumia 830 and the Lumia 730.

Regarding the former, we have so far been led to believe that it will come with a 20 MP rear camera, just like the Nokia Lumia 930, or the Lumia 1520. But a new rumor now claims that won’t be the case.

Mumblings originating in China are saying that we should only expect to see a 10 MP snapper to be attached to the rear of the Lumia 830. This obviously makes some sense considering that the 830 will be positioned below the 930 in the company’s portfolio, and sporting the exact same camera could hurt the sales of the more expensive model.

Furthermore, the Lumia 830 is allegedly going to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset, and it shall have a 720p touchscreen. The display resolution confirms previous rumors. The Lumia 830 could be one of the thinnest, if not the thinnest Lumia device ever.

Moving on to the Lumia 730, this will be touted by Microsoft as the perfect selfie phone. That’s because it will come with a 5 MP front camera. Yet while we’ve known that for quite a while, the rear snapper has been pretty much a mystery, with reports saying it would either be a 6.5 MP unit or an 8 MP one.

Today it’s speculated that it will actually be an 8.7 MP camera in there. So there you have it. Though as this is nothing but a rumor at this point, don’t forget to take it with a healthy dose of salt.

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