Sprint opens up Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is hitting the US on October 14, but you can already pre-order the phablet on both AT&T and T-Mobile. Starting yesterday Sprint has also joined the campaign, allowing you to pre-book your unit and make sure you will be among the first adopters.

Sprint is asking $720 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 if you don’t want to sign a contract, which is lower than the $826 that AT&T demands. However if you are to sign a 2-year commitment Sprint is reducing the price to $350, $50 higher than what the largest GSM carrier in the States charges.

Sprint is also offering a third option for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 where you pay nothing upfront but spread it out over 24 monthly payments of $30.

Finally, you should know that Sprint will allow you to trade-in your old phone and subsidize the Galaxy Note 4 purchase further. Thanks to a promotion the carrier is running with Samsung, you are guaranteed to get at least $200 for any working phone.

Any interested Sprint subscribers may book their Samsung Galaxy Note 4 units by following the source link below.

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