SEL outs a 3-fold 8.7-inch OLED touch display

At the Display Innovation 2014 trade show in Yokohoma City, Japan, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) introduced an 8.7″ Super AMOLED display, which can fold in three. It sports 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution resulting in a pixel density of 254ppi.

SEL introduced a smaller version of the same display measuring 5.9″ in diagonal, but it sported 720p resolution and didn’t support touch. Now, that’s changed an the company uses a c-axis aligned semiconductor for the backplane. The company is debuting a technology combining a top emission type and a capacitive touch panel for the first time.

The 3-fold 8.7″ SEL display can be bent more than 100,000 times and the curvature bent it supports is of 2mm and 4mm radius.

There’s no information just yet when we can see the display in an actual product. The possibilities are endless and we can see it in future e-readers as well as tablets. An interesting project would be to cover an entire staircase with this type of display, but you’ll have to have an extraordinary large amount of cash to burn to pull this off.

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