Samsung SM-E500F may be part of new E series

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy A series, comprising so far of the A3 and A5. Not long ago there were some mumblings saying that the Korean company likes the idea of using even more letters of the alphabet to describe some upcoming new series of handsets, thus slowly getting rid of using one different name for each model.

This theory has gained some traction, now that a Samsung SM-E500F has been spotted by an import tracking website entering India for testing purposes.

The Galaxy A series smartphones have model numbers that start with A, which means this E500F might just be the first phone in a new, yet unheard of Galaxy E series. It’s the first time Samsung has used the letter E before the digits in a device’s model number, mind you. And since the Galaxy A5 has the model number SM-A500, this SM-E500F could end up being sold as the Samsung Galaxy E5.

Unfortunately the import listing hasn’t produced a single spec for us to share, which means everything about the Samsung E500F is still a mystery – aside from that model number, of course.

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