Xiaomi scales back international expansion until next year

Back in April, Xiaomi had big plans for 2014 in terms of expanding its reach internationally. The company then announced that it would enter ten new markets by the end of the year. These were supposed to be India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Turkey.

While it has entered some of those countries already, Xiaomi won’t be able to arrive in all of them this year. And it doesn’t even want to anymore.

In a change of strategy, Xiaomi will focus on India and Indonesia in 2014, two markets which it did enter this year. Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra said his company now wants to expand slowly, only entering a new market after it’s brought all of its products to the previous one, and so on. So hopefully we’ll see the Mi 4 (pictured above) officially on sale in more places soon.

Scaling back its international expansion is apparently the smart thing to do. So the next country in which Xiaomi will sell its wares will be Brazil, but its arrival there will only happen in the first half of 2015. After that, it will finally make it to Thailand, Russia, Mexico, and Turkey, though for these markets we don’t even get a rough…

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