Nokia Lumia 530 is on sale at Amazon UK, costs £50

USA is always getting the cool Windows Phone deals and there is no denying that. Microsoft has always been promoting the Windows Phone OS throughout super affordable Lumia phones in its homeland for years, mostly using carrier or major retailer campaigns.

In these rare occasions, such as today, other countries also enjoy similar promotions. The affordable Nokia Lumia 530 is even more affordable in the UK today for the next 10 hours, if you opt to get it contract-free from Amazon UK. The retailer is selling it online for just £49.99, which is at least £30 less than competing retailers’ listings.

Australians seems to be getting quite a treatment if they opt for the phone through Telstra. If you chose to get Telstra’s Pre-Paid $2 Starter Kit, you can have the Nokia Lumia 530 on half the price at AU$39.50.

It seems Microsoft is pushing the Lumia 530 in various deals worldwide, so you might be getting it cheap in your market very soon.

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