Week 50 in review: Galaxy S6, Tauri 88 and Lumia 1030

Another week has passed and it is now time to see what interesting news it brought us. In case you missed out, in Week 50 we saw the specs of the future Samsung Galaxy S6 in an AnTuTu screenshot and later on a leaked prototype showed us what it may look like.

It also became apparent that the latest iteration of the famous Gorilla Glass from Corning has made its debut on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

In other news the Tonino Lamborghini Tauri 88 made a firm statement for luxury in the Android world as an extremely exquisite, high-end designer smartphone.

Going back, we also saw a rather interesting Lumia device rumor for what is said to be the Nokia McLaren 1030, as well as a new iOS release, bringing underwhelming ringtone bug fixes.

Android Studio also reached a cornerstone and exited beta state with a version 1.0 release.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 specs leak through AnTuTu screenshot

We have recently seen a leak of an AnTuTu benchmark screenshot that displayed the specs of the upcoming Galaxy S6. Today, another such screenshot has emerged with slightly different specs. As before, the new screenshots shows the phone having a QHD display, with an octa-core CPU and…

Alleged live photo of Samsung Galaxy S6 leaks out

Alleged live photo of Samsung Galaxy S6 made the rounds online. Samsung is expected to launch the successor of the Galaxy S5 at some point in early 2015. Update: It turns out that the purported photo you see above is not the real deal. The image was quickly debunked by the folks from…

Samsung Galaxy Alpha features Corning Gorilla Glass 4

Corning has announced that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, which was introduced back in August this year, features the recently unveiled Gorilla Glass version 4 (GG4). “Corning spends a great deal of time collaborating with Samsung to recommend solutions that will continually improve their device…

Lamborghini Tauri 88 smartphone runs Android, packs 20MP camera

You’re getting into your Lamborghini and your phone rings – with the default iPhone ringtone. Well, that’s embarrassing, a 16 year old school kid has one of those. To prevent future embarrassments you need something like the Tonino Lamborghini Tauri 88, a smartphone with premium materials, Italian…

XNew photos of Lumia 1030 leak, device said to be here to stay

A few interesting photos found their way to Baidu. They show a Lumia prototype device, which is said to be the 1030 McLaren. Interestingly enough we saw very similar photos last month of what appears to be the same unit and perhaps even the same photo-shoot. Back then, the Lumia…

Apple releases iOS 8.1.2, addresses ringtone issues

Just a few weeks (and less than a month) after it pushed out iOS 8.1.1, Apple is back today with yet another new iteration of its mobile OS. iOS 8.1.2 comes with its share of unnamed bug fixes, and it also addresses what surely has been a pretty annoying issue for some. Namely, for…

Android Studio sees version 1.0 – first stable release

The Android OS has come gone a long way since its modest early versions. Core libraries, features and mostly APIs receive constant updates and redesigns to utilize new and improved hardware and bring better experiences to the user. Android 5.0 Lollipop brought about a brand new virtual machine -…

Micromax Canvas Selfie goes official with 13MP front camera

At a press event in India with tennis stars in attendance, Micromax took the wraps off the Canvas…

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