Sony makes the purple Xperia Z3 official in Hong Kong

Since last week, we’ve seen the purple variation of Sony’s Xperia Z3 leaked not once, but twice. First in renders, then in some live images. And today the time has finally come for the smartphone maker to make this hue official.

It has done so for the Hong Kong market, and it’s still unclear whether we’ll ever see the purple Z3 for sale anywhere else.

This move is probably meant to attract some more attention for the Xperia Z3 which is getting a little bit long in the tooth by now. With an Xperia Z4 clearly already in the works, Sony needs to do something to entice people to buy the previous flagship. And this may just be it.

The new version will be out in Hong Kong by the end of January. It will be priced at HKD 4,998, which means about $644 or €567. Spec-wise, there’s absolutely no difference between the purple model and any other Xperia Z3.

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