Alleged details on the battery life of Apple Watch leak

According to a report in 9to5Mac, the battery performance of the soon to be released Apple Watch will not blow users away. Cupertino is allegedly targeting 19 hours of mixed use for its highly anticipated wearable device.

The active application use goal for the Apple Watch is tipped to range between 2.5 and 4 hours. Standby time target is three days, while sleeping mode should help the device last for four days.

The smartwatch will likely reach 2-3 days in standby or low-power mode though. The device’s fitness tracking software is targeted to render four hours of usage on a charge.

In timepiece mode with the screen and all animations on, Apple Watch will reportedly last about three hours. The manufacturer does not expect users to utilize the feature often.

The powerful hardware of the Apple Watch is unsurprisingly the main reason for its high power consumption. The S1 chip inside the product is said to be as powerful as the A5 solution in the current iPod Touch.

Apple is said to be extensively testing the wearable device. About 3,000 units are reportedly in circulation.


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