Verizon rolls out Android Lollipop update for LG G2

Android Lollipop update season is still upon us, and going strong by all accounts. The latest smartphone to be blessed with an upgrade that will make it run Lollipop is LG’s G2. Specifically, Verizon’s LG G2.

The carrier nicknamed Big Red has already posted the update documentation (available here in PDF form), which means the new software should start rolling out today.

As always, though, keep in mind that such rollouts are staged, so it might be a few days before you see the update reach your phone. In case you’re impatient, you can always check for it manually by using the menu inside of Settings.

After applying the update, you’ll be running software version VS98039A. The new release updates LG’s UI overlay to that employed by the G3, aside from bringing you all the things that Google changed in Lollipop.

The new lock screen is in too, complete with notifications, and the Android buttons get a new design. Settings are searchable, and floating action buttons can be seen…

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