ZTE Nubia Z9 is official with bezelless display

Just as promised, the ZTE Nubia Z9 is officially here. The handset was made official today in Beijing and, from the looks of it, it definitely lives up to expectations.

The definitive feature we were all hoping and waiting for is very much present. The ZTE Nubia Z9 features a 1080p, 5.2-inch 2.5D panel, surrounded by a very thin reflective bezel, which creates the illusion of an edge-to-edge screen. The bezel in question is only 0.8mm and uses clever optics to reflect the screen image. This is very similar to what we expected to see an upcoming Oppo handset, but the Nubia Z9 is a true ambassador of the new technology and visual style.

The bezel in question is more than just eye-candy. ZTE has taken the technology one step further and has developed a whole new touch-based interactive gesture system for the frame. The function is called FIT and allows for different user gestures. The animations below showcase some of them, like squeezing the phone twice to take a screenshot, adjusting brightness and activating the camera. The system definitely shows potential and we can’t wait to see how developers manage to leverage the new input control.

As far as the rest of the specs sheet goes, it is pretty impressive. The Nubia Z9 measures 147.38 x 68.34 x 8.94mm, with a flat back and no protruding camera. Its body is made of metal, making for an exquisite look. Under the hood, there is a Snapdragon 810 SoC. As for RAM and memory, there are actually three version of the device. The Classic model has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard memory. It the Elite and Exclusive versions, this is bumped up to 4GB and 64GB respectively.

Inside the Nubia Z9 we also find Bluetooth 4.1, MHL 3.0 and NFC and it is all powered by a 2900 mAh battery. The camera setup consists of a 16MP main shooter with f/2.0 lens and optical stabilization. The selfie camera uses an 8MP Sony sensor and an 80 degree lens. The latest version of Nubia UI 3.0 also promises rich camera features, like NeoVision 5.1, which is meant to ensure exquisite image quality. The phone is also equipped with an impressive AKM4961 Hi-Fi processor and spouts Doubly 7.1 surround.

Another interesting feature of the Nubia Z9 definitely worth noting is the company’s new proprietary fingerprint reading technology. It is dubbed TIO and will be included in the higher-end Exclusive edition of the handset only. The interesting thing about it is that it should incorporate sensors on both the power key and volume rockers, so touching either can unlock the device.

Preorders of all three version of the ZTE Nubia Z9 have already started in China. The three models go for CNY3,499, CNY3,999 and CNY4,499 respectively.

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