Logi Blok iPad cases arrive from Logitech with drop protection

Just last week Logitech announced its plans to launch a new sub-brand called Logi. At that point, the company only said this would be used for lifestyle products, without naming one.

Today though the first three Logi-branded products have been unveiled, and all three are iPad cases featuring drop protection.

They make up the Logi Blok series. The Logi Blok Protective Shell for the iPad Air 2 and all iPad Mini models comes with a screen protector and a simple and sleek design. It is offered in black, red/violet, and teal/blue, for $39.99.

The Logi Blok Protective Case for the iPad Air 2 adds an any-angle stand to the mix, which works within a 50-degree range. As you’d expect, when it’s closed the stand is basically a screen cover. This case is out in the same colors as the aforementioned shell, but the price is higher – $69.99, to be exact.

Finally we have the Logi Blok Protective Keyboard Case, which includes a wireless detachable keyboard that doubles as a screen cover. It’s available for the iPad Air 2 only. It still has the stand of the Protective Case. The keyboard has a dedicated row of iOS shortcut keys. This product comes in teal/blue or black for $129.99.

All of these cases will be in stores in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and “select countries” in Europe starting in August. They all feature corners with “unique extra-absorbent polymers” which support and flex your iPad upon impact, apparently ensuring it can withstand drops from up to six feet high even on…

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