Samsung is testing an 18.4-inch tablet, import records reveal

In the Android world, there are small tablets, medium-sized tablets, big tablets, and then we have Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2. Compared to every other tablet out there, they are positively huge.

However, they may not be Samsung’s biggest tablets for long. It turns out that the Korean company is already working on a much bigger device, one sporting an 18.4-inch touchscreen.

What you see in the image above is the fact that such a huge tablet has entered India for testing and evaluation purposes. After it’s gone through those tests and finished its evaluations, it’s going to be destroyed. This will probably prevent more leaks for a while, even if this is actually going to turn into a real product.

That’s a big if, though. With such a huge screen, this would be very much into niche territory, and a rather small niche at that. Still, for some commercial settings even this size could work. Which might be the reason for Samsung to think about releasing it.

Oddly enough, the value of each unit of this tablet has been set at just INR 32,371 in the import documents, which means about $507 or €464. That’s a bit less than we were expecting given that its huge display surely can’t be cheap. Then again, this number may just represent how much it costs Samsung to produce each unit, in which case it makes more sense.

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