iPhone 6s Plus teardown unsurprisingly reveals heavy display assembly, smaller battery

Earlier today we reported on iFixit’s teardown of the iPhone 6s, which revealed a very heavy display assembly and a smaller battery compared to the iPhone 6 from last year.

Now it’s time for us to see how the iPhone 6s Plus did in a teardown of its own. And, unsurprisingly, the bigger Apple handset seems to be just a bigger version of the iPhone 6s – at least when it comes to internals.

Like its smaller sibling, the iPhone 6s Plus was found to have a heavy display assembly. It weighs a whopping 80g, 20g more than that of the iPhone 6s. The weight difference obviously accounts for the size differential between the two. However, last year’s iPhone 6 Plus came with a display assembly weighing 60g too. Compared to it, the new model’s added weight is all because of the 3D Touch technology.

The battery capacity of the iPhone 6s Plus is 2,750 mAh, which is 165 mAh smaller than the one in the iPhone 6 Plus. The downgrade in this case was made to compensate for the added heft of the screen and the 3D Touch controller, allowing the phone to sport very similar exterior dimensions to its predecessor.

Apple has used a custom 7000 series aluminum alloy for the construction of the iPhone 6s Plus. This contains 91.17% aluminum, 0.08% iron, 7.64% zinc, and 0.106% tungsten. The zinc is there to provide an increase in tensile strength compared to the alloy that was employed last year.

In the end, the iPhone 6s Plus got a 7 out of 10 repairability score. Screen repairs are pretty easy to perform, as is accessing the battery (with the right tools and technique, however). Repairs to the Touch ID cable are more difficult since it’s paired to the logic board, and the phone features proprietary Pentalobe screws on the exterior, requiring a specialty screwdriver to…

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