Sony Xperia Z5 has the best mobile camera ever tested by DxOMark

Just yesterday DxOMark added the Huawei Nexus 6P and its camera to its charts, and the new Google phone had some pretty impressive results. It climbed to the No.2 spot in the charts, behind only Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge.

Today though we have a new king of the DxoMark tests when it comes to mobile cameras. And that is the Sony Xperia Z5. According to the experts at DxO Labs, this handset currently has the best mobile camera they’ve ever tested. With a general score of 87, it’s one point above the Galaxy S6 edge, thus snatching the coveted No.1 spot from Samsung’s device.

The Nexus 6P therefore drops to third place, while the LG G4 is now fourth. The last in the Top 5 is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. However, you’ve probably noticed that a big name is missing – DxOMark hasn’t yet tested either of the new iPhones, so things may change again when it does.

Until that point, Sony can savour this win. According to DxoMark, for photos the Z5 has the best autofocus performance tested to date, very good white balance and color rendering, a good flash with pleasant white balance, good detail preservation regardless of light conditions, and low noise in low-light situations. On the other hand, artifacts are visible with blue sky saturation, and an attenuation is sometimes visible in the corners when using the flash.

For videos, the camera reportedly has “impressive image stabilization that’s far ahead of the competition”, good autofocus, good detail preservation, low noise, and accurate color rendering along with decent white balance. On the flip side, tremors can be visible even when using a tripod, exposure convergence can be very slow, autofocus is slow in low-light, and color shading is present in low-light conditions too.

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