Motorola tells you why you need a shatterproof display through an infographic

Surely you know by now that Motorola has recently introduced what it’s calling the world’s first smartphone to feature a shatterproof display – the Droid Turbo 2 (as well as its twin headed to international markets, the Moto X Force).

For those people who for some reason simply can’t imagine why such a screen would be useful to have on a smartphone, Motorola has published an infographic that’s all about explaining how “a shattered screen is all too real”.

Having a cracked or shattered screen on a handset is a surprisingly common occurrence, and people generally don’t replace those broken displays because of how much that operation costs. Hence, some are using their devices even if they’ve cut their fingers on the screen. That’s certainly sad.

Obviously Motorola’s idea here is that if every person out there would buy the Moto X Force or Droid Turbo 2, the world would be a much safer place – for fingers, at least. The full infographic is below for your viewing…

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