Huawei Watch update lets it show you the battery level while charging

The Huawei Watch is now receiving a software update, build LCB43B. As the first letter shows, this isn’t the Marshmallow release of Android Wear, just a regular maintenance update to Lollipop.

The new version does however bring a couple of new features. First off, the watch will now display the battery level while it’s charging, thanks to a new app having been added. You can see this in action in the image below.

Next up, the Chinese company has included a new watch face that the owner of the smartwatch can customize however he or she wants. The mic gain has also been improved to enable better “OK Google” detection, the fitness tracking should now come with better step counting accuracy, and the Bluetooth reconnect mechanism has been optimized.

The new build is rolling out in stages (it should be completed by next week). If you haven’t been notified about the update yet, you can check for it manually. To do this, long press the crown button to open the app launcher, then go into Settings, scroll to About, and tap on System…

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