Google Safe Browsing arrives on Chrome for Android

For years, Google’s Safe Browsing feature has protected over a billion desktop users of the company’s Chrome browser from malware, unwanted software, as well as social engineering sites. And now this useful service is making its debut on Android, the search giant has announced.

The Safe Browsing client for Android is part of Google Play Services starting with version 8.1. And as Google Play Services is baked into every Android device out there, you probably already have Safe Browsing on your phone or tablet. All you need to actually use it is Chrome for Android, version 46 or later. You can verify that Safe Browsing is enabled by going to Settings > Privacy inside Chrome.

When Chrome encounters a dangerous site, it will display a warning such as the one you see in the screenshot to the left. When you get the big red screen, you can opt into automatically reporting details of possible security incidents to Google.

The team designing this feature has ensured that memory and processor use as well as network traffic are all at a minimum.

The Play Store has already had protection against potentially harmful apps in place, but of course many problems can arise from the websites you visit. Hence why the Safe Browsing tool has made it to…

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