Asus ZenFone 3 reportedly coming in May or June with fingerprint scanner

Asus is already working on the ZenFone 3, according to some unnamed “Taiwan-based supply chain makers”. However, don’t expect the next generation ZenFone to be out anytime soon.

If these sources are to be believed, then the new iteration in the series will only launch in May or June. On the other hand, the wait might be worthwhile. That’s because the ZenFone 3 is apparently going to be the first device in the line to sport a fingerprint scanner. This fact has already been confirmed by Asus CEO Jerry Shen back in March.

So far we’ve seen fingerprint sensors in high-end phones as well as some mid-rangers, but in the future these are likely to become much more prevalent. Because of increased orders, the price of a fingerprint sensor could fall to $5 in 2016. That drop in costs is probably one of the reasons for its inclusion in the ZenFone 3. Fingerprint scanners are expected to be featured in 50% of smartphones in the future, up from around 30% nowadays.

Asus will allegedly ship 20 million devices in 2015, and will aim for at least 30 million next year. In 2016, the company will expand sales of its handsets to new markets in Asia and Africa, after having so far been quite successful in Taiwan, India, Brazil, Russia, and Southeast…

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