Motorola Moto X Force now £300 in the UK, £180 off

The shatterproof Motorola Moto X Force has had its price slashed over at Carphone Warehouse in the UK. The retailer is now selling it for £299.99, or £180 off its regular price. We’re talking about an unlocked SIM-free device.

Meanwhile, on Motorola’s UK site the Moto X Force goes for £499 (though you do get Motomaker in this case), Expansys currently sells it for £500 minus a penny, and you can find it on for as low as £503.54. Makes it sound like a solid deal over at Carphone Warehouse, and you have close to 5 days left to make up your mind – the offer expires on February 11 at 8am.

Thanks for the tip, Daniel!

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