Instagram will show how many times videos are watched

Just a few days ago, Instagram revealed that all its users would get to use multiple accounts inside its apps starting later this week. And today the Facebook-owned photography-focused social network is at it again, with yet another new feature being announced.

It’s something much simpler this time around, but should prove very useful for the content creators using Instagram. “Over the next few weeks”, view counts for videos will be shown underneath them, as portrayed in the screenshots below. A view is registered once a video has been watched for at least three seconds.

This introduction comes as apparently “views are the most widely expected form of feedback on video”. The information about how many times a video was viewed will replace that about how many likes it’s received. To get to the number of likes, you’ll need to tap on the word “views”.

Instagram promises that this is only the first of many ways in which it plans to improve its handling of video content this year.

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