Google finally decides to shut down Picasa, sort of

Amazingly, Google’s Picasa photo service still exists. You probably thought that with the big launch of Google Photos last year Picasa would have been put out of its misery, but no. Not then, anyway.

After a long time of analyzing the situation, the search giant has finally decided to “retire” Picasa and focus on Google Photos. Which obviously makes perfect sense, unlike running two different photo services at the same time. That said, Google still hasn’t actually said when Picasa will be gone forever, just that the process will take several months.

The Picasa desktop application will no longer be supported starting on March 15. It will keep working after that date, but won’t be updated anymore. On the other hand, the web service will remain unchanged until May 1. And even after that, you’ll still be able to view, download, or delete your albums, you just won’t be able to create, organize, or edit albums anymore.

Perhaps rather confusingly, you can always go to Google Photos and see your photos and videos from Picasa over there. Since this is the case, it’s really unclear why it’s taking Google this long to shut down Picasa for good. Anyway, expect some more news about this on or around May…

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