Telegram update brings new voice messaging features, improved Secret Chats

Telegram has released an update on iOS and Android that brings with it several cool new features that users should love.

One of the features is improvement to voice messages. You can now just pick up and place the phone to your ear to activate voice recording and then bring it down for it to stop recording. Then you can choose to send or delete that clip. There is also a new waveform design for the voice notes.

Secret Chats also get an update. They now get all the features from standard chats, such as GIFs, replies, captions, sticker set previews, inline bots, and optional link previews.

Also, you can now choose precisely who can add you to groups, so you don’t end up on groups you don’t want.

Lastly, there is also a new image editor, with rotate, fade, tint and curves tools.

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