Oneplus 3 to launch in Q2, to be drastically different from predecessors

We’ve all heard about Oneplus. It was the company who promised to sell a phone that was a flagship killer. The company got so much attention with the introduction of the Oneplus One.

It was a $300 phone that was sold unlocked and designed to directly compete with the other leading flagships at the time like the more costly devices like the Nexus 5, Galaxy S5 or LG G3 while offering similar or better features that users look for in a phone like NFC, great camera, and long lasting battery life.

In a CNET interview with Oneplus co-founder, Carl Pei stated that the US market will be very important for Oneplus this year with more traditional marketing methods. Could this mean that the invite system will be shelved for the new flagship?

Perhaps. The company said it was very excited about the Oneplus 3 and thinks it will captivate interest like the Original One did, the Oneplus 2 wasn’t as well received when someone decided to strip NFC from the phone altogether, thought it did sell more units than the OnePlus One.

It was not all flowers and roses for the Chinese startup company at the beginning. The company decided to go unconventional and set up an invitation-only program to sell the OnePlus One. So for several months after the phone’s launch, it was still damn-near impossible to get your hands on one of these suckers.

Oneplus was able to use all this positive (and negative) attention that it’d been getting with the launch of the Oneplus One to build a reputation and customer base. The Chinese startup says it has 800,000 active forum users who support the Oneplus community and inspire the company’s design choices for its smartphones.

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