Deal: AT&T or Verizon branded LG G4 for $300

LG is getting a lot of attention with the latest flagship offering, the LG G5. Therefore, the LG G4 is being heavily discounted and available for your benefit. An eBay seller has brand new, unopened 32GB LG G4s in Metallic Gray going for $300.

You can choose between a Verizon branded and AT&T branded device (reminder that Verizon phones do come factory unlocked). These devices also come with the standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The LG G4 was released in April of 2015 and features a 5.5 inch screen with 1440p resolution. It sports a snapdragon 808 hexa-core CPU paired with 3GB of RAM and an Adreno 418 GPU.

The G4 was also among the best smartphone cameras available last year. It has a 16MP main sensor with OIS and laser focus with an 8MP front-facing cameras for higher quality…

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