AT&T holding open insurance enrollment until April 30

Carriers often don’t do this sort of thing, but when they do it may be a big deal for you. Normally when you purchase a device through your carrier, you have the option of adding insurance to your device from day 1 up to 30 days in case you need some time to think about it. After that, you cannot enroll any longer and any damage repairs will need to be paid out of pocket.

AT&T is allowing customers a second chance to protect their smart devices with an open enrollment of smartphone insurance for those who wished they got it before they dropped their devices.

This open enrollment period started yesterday, March 1 and will last all the way until April 30. If you are on AT&T and haven’t already enrolled your device, AT&T offers three different ways to do that with plans from $7.99 for a single device to a multi-device plan for $29.99.

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